In 2019, the national tour guide level test was su

Release date:2019-05-17

The 2019 National Tour Guide Level Examination was successfully held in our school on April 27. The examination was issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The national unified proposition and the provincial examinations were held simultaneously. More than 900 candidates from the province took the exam.

The national middle-level tour guide grade examination Chinese test subjects are "guide knowledge knowledge" and "Chinese language and literature knowledge", foreign language test subjects are "guide knowledge knowledge" and "foreign language"; the national advanced tour guide grade examination subjects are "guide comprehensive knowledge" And "Guide Ability Test". The foreign language test is available in four languages: English, Japanese, French, and Spanish.

In this exam, a total of 32 test sites were set up in our school. The school set up an examination leading group and a working group. The staff arranged hardware facilities such as the test room environment and video surveillance in strict accordance with relevant regulations, and formulated emergency plans for emergencies, and organized invigilators and test personnel to conduct training. During the examination, the invigilators performed the invigilation duties seriously, and the examination room was in good order. Due to the recent unstable weather, there was a sudden rainstorm during the midday exam, and our school arranged to open a special area for candidates to avoid the rain. Director Li of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and a group of five people went to our school to inspect the examination and organization work, and gave high praise.

It is reported that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will release the test results in late June 2019.





(Photo: Training Division Wang Jingyin)